What to expect from our passionate service?

  • No risk of disappointment

    We have personally visited, tested and fallen in love with each of our house. Inclusion to our selection can’t be bought. At least one member of our team spent a few nights in all our villas, so we know every owner by its first name as well as the name of their children.

  • Only handpicked holiday homes

    Our standards are very high. Over 70% of personally tested properties fail to make it into our selection!
    We make you feel special: To us, you are not a number. We have deliberately decided to stay “small” and boutique, to avoid mass tourism and rather concentrate on excellent customer service.

  • You get your personal assistant

    Who will organize not only your holiday home and desired period, but also arrange for the boat rental, transfer, give you information of where the best restaurant in the city is, where the first hospital is and how to reach an island in combination with specific flight details.

  • You get authentic information

    What we tell you is 100% true. We hate making things look better. If you have small children and you want to make a reservation for a villa that has rocky beach in front of it, we will tell you that it is not ideal for the toddlers.

    You are safe: We are always with you - before your holiday and during your journey and vacation you can reach us on a mobile number 24/7.

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Simple and safe

We don’t forget about our guest the minute they book with us, but keep in touch throughout their holiday if needed.

During your holiday we are there for you 24/7, accessible via phone number + 386 41 806 608 - send us an SMS or call us and we will respond gladly!

Your safety is additionally confirmed by the fact that we acquired an

- official tourist license since 2009 and

- are registered the Agency in the Register of Slovene tourist agencies supervised by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (License Nr. 10855/1).

- the most important is your emotion of feeling safe. Our genuine care for your well-being showcases your ability to contact your personal assistant for holidays planning (our employee) for the whole time of your vacation in Croatia. She or He is there for you, weather you need help in searching for the vet doctor or a suggestion for a great restaurant. in the town.

We are there!


At Adraitic Pearls, we invest in trust and safety of our guests. 

When you pay for your vacation rental to ther Adriatic Pearls, you can be confident that you’ll be waiting for your your vacation fully relaxed, since we guarantee up to 15.000 EUR that the villa or apartment that you have booked will be there, waiting for you, exactly the same as described on our internet page. 

Adriatic Pearls Guarantee will reimburse guests with the sum they invested (up EUR 15,000) for rentals booked at our Agency if:

 (a) The home does not materially match its description (this does not include cleanliness issues, minor amenity differences, or temporary defects)

 (b) The traveler is unable to access the home (after multiple attempts to contact the owner)

If there is something wrong with the property upon check-in, please let us know as soon as possible, but before moving in.

You can contact your personal assistant with which you made the reservation, send an e-mail to info@adriaticpearls.com or  call our offices at +386 31 606608.

If you do not, we will assume that the home meets your reasonable expectations.

The Guarantee does not provide coverage for losses that are out of our control such as natural disaster, theft, bodily injury, or criminal activity. In addition, we are unable to provide reimbursement for any outside costs such as flights, rental cars, alternate accommodation, or other travel-related losses.  

The Guarantee provides the covearage in the amount of the paid vacation rental, as specified in the invoice sent to the guest, up to maximum EUR 15.000,00. 



Some people are used to paying just a deposit when making a reservation and the rest of the sum upon arrival to the holiday home.

This is a practice when booking your apartment with a private person (owner of the apartment), who is not operating as a company and is therefore forbidden to acquire the guest’s money in advance, since he hasn’t have the required financial insurance.

In our case, where you book with a company, acting as travel agency with the license, acquired by the Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia by EU regulations, we are obliged to get the full pre-payment from the guest in order to issue the Travel Voucher.

This document, sent to our customer per e-mail and per normal post to his home address, confirms that the guest has paid the full sum for the vacation, so with this document he is entitled to get the keys of his villa.

In the case of insolvency of our company the guest's pre-paid money is insured by the insurance company. This insurance is required for every company, wishing to obtain the licence for the tourist agency.

In this way there is no risk for the guest as their money is insured by the insurance company.

Many guests prefer this way of booking a holiday home in Croatia, because their money is secure with the agency, operating under common EU regulations. They also appreciate the fact, that they do not need to travel with so much cash through Croatia (although Croatia is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world).


Do you need to sign a physical rental agreement? No.

If you are making for your reservation through Adriatic Pearls, all rental agreement details will be available online and in our correspondence via E-Mail, and you will not need to physically sign this rental agreement.  When you submit deposit payment for your rental, you are agreeing to Adriatic Pearls' Terms and Conditions and to the property owner's standardized rental agreement automatically.



We would like to provide you with our current cancellation policy pertaining specifically to our apartments, unless otherwise agreed upon:

You may cancel your reservation (for apartments and aparthotel) free of charge up to 14 days before your scheduled arrival. Should you cancel your reservation beyond this timeframe, we will endeavor to secure a replacement guest for your reserved dates. If we are successful in doing so, we will issue you a refund in the form of travel credit equal to the amount of the new reservation.

What to expect from our passionate service?