Cycling on Korcula

Cycling on Korcula

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You have to prepare to see one of the most beautiful scenery Dalmatia Has to offer.

Doing a MTB route or just crossing the island with a road bike you will be stopping countless times just to absorb the energy of the views which are frown to you randomly during the ride...


I spent the whole october with my family on Korcula in Sunshine luxury apartments in Lumbarda. I took road and MTB bikes with me and tried to make a good use of them. So this post is going to be about the MTB route over Lumbarda hills. 

Korcula is one of the greenest island in Croatia and the one which is known for olive grooves and wine yards. I was into wines for a long time, but the oil took that place and i wanted to combine it with my other passion - cycling. So for the ones who will repeat this route, with trekking or mountain bike, I will post the map, later in this blog, which served me well. Also I will write about crossing the island with road bike in another blog post. 


I believe that anybody who comes to an island in Croatia wants to try the local specialties, visit the most interesting beaches and see the best views. Well you can do some of it doing this route. 

Start of the route is not far away from Lumbarda Sunshine apartments. Just take it to the main road and start climbing towards suburb Kosovo (see the map). Take a left on the top of the climb (T junction) and when you see the first gravel on the right, jump on it. Now the fun part starts...

Views, views, views...


The views are astonishing. Your ride will prolong for an hour just because you will want to stop, enjoy the moment and try to take a piece of it with a camera, to brag on the FB, while all the rest of the world is working in the office. 

So back to the views. They are sooo god that locals brought some chairs, in the middle of nowhere, just to be able to take a rest, while enjoying. I believe their life last longer just because they live on lower frequencies than the rest of us. I admire them.

So back to the ride. Continue the climb where the main gravel road takes you and keep left on the cross roads (see the map). Locals build the terraces for their olive grooves and also for the vineyards. The surround them with dry walls, made of stones. This technique is also used for land parceling. It looks great and it is also easier to take care of the plantations. 


There is one downside of this MTB route in Lumbarda. You will have to pass the waste landfill, which will go by quickly, but will stay in your mind – thinking about the environment…


So downhill is always good right? Wrong! You will want to see all the wine yards and olive groves which are in this time of the year ready for harvest. So take care. And also, watch for the locals, they might park a their Volkswagen from 80’s with no registration plates, on the path, to take some herbs for the grappa or something else. I love their life


You can still see some grapes left there for late harvest and the combination of green and black olives (the mature ones) waiting for D day. 

There are number of ways to continue the ride, so just pick the one you like at the moment. It is just a matter of finishing the route few yards further of closer to Lumbarda. The beauty of this is that you can discover another view or another plantation which is even more breathtaking from previous.


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