Eight most beautiful beaches on Brac Island

Eight most beautiful beaches on Brac Island

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A magnificent landscape dominated by a karst limestone relief, various gullies, crevices, round valleys and coves, Brac Island is the third largest among islands on the Adriatic coast. Several towns, sleepy villages and a sensational Mediterranean landscape with many steep cliffs, inky waters and pine forests are a true feast for the eyes.

Bearing Vidova gora in itself, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands (778 m), with a richness of Flora and Fauna, and a stunning panoramic view from the top of the mountain, this island paradise presents the perfect summer destination :)


In the past we’ve been already mentioning bits and peaches on beaches in different blogs, but this time we would like to discover some more of the hidden gems so your luxury vacation in Croatia could be an even better. If you are planning to spend your luxury vacation on Brac Island, you won't only spend time in beautiful luxury villa or luxury apartment but also have plenty of options to discover that other wonders Brac has to offer.

1.) Golden Horn beach or Zlatni rat in Croatian, the long pebble beach at Bol town, which extends 500 m elegantly into the sea, is the most famous beach and biggest attraction on the island. The beach is particularly interesting, as it naturally changes the direction of its top, due to the strong sea currents. You can either choose a windy side or the other to enjoy the sun, or just go windsurfing. Our luxury apartments Bol are only 1500 m away from this famous beach!

                                                             View to famous Golden Horn beach from the Promenade of Bol

The beach is rewarded with a Blue flag, so you are sure to have everything you need – from beach bar Auro with cosy and comfortable seats, massage by the sea in the shade of pine trees, restaurants in the vicinity to walks and talks with your family and friends.

                                                                                                     Auro bar on Golden Horn beach


2.) Martinica beach near the town centre is divided into two parts by a small cape with a monastery. To the east of the monastery lies a beautiful bay with wonderful views of the surrounding hillside and Hvar Island. The beach offers only little or no shade, but in the afternoon when the typical Mistral wind is blowing, it is sheltered by the monastery’s promontory. Martinca beach is also referred as the “home beach”, as local inhabitant’s bath there. We can recommend this beach to families with children, because in summer swimming lessons for kids of all ages take place. Near the beach lie a beach bar and a restaurant within the monastery’s courtyard, where you can find shelter from the hot sun. Further, from the beach there is a lovely path among the rocks, leading to a couple FKK coves. 

                                                                 Beautiful pebble beach Martinica with monastery on the small cape.


3.) Lovrecina beach is a wonderful sandy beach, located near charming Positra town, on the northern side of the island. The sand on the beach and in the sea stretches for almost 100 m. To find it, you must drive 4 km from Positra resort in a deeply carved bay. You can reach the beach by car, by the old footpath or from the seaside. The beach is surrounded by pine forests, offering a natural and cool shade in hot summer days. There is a Café located on the beach, and make sure to visit one of the local restaurants, where they serve various specialities from Brac Island. Our luxury villa Mediterranean fairy tale has a perfect location and is only 15 minute drive away from this beautiful beach.


                                                                                                  Wonderful sandy beach Lovrecina


4.) Postira is another small town in the northern part of Brac Island, only 4 km western from Lovrecina Bay, where several beautiful beaches are located. Alongside its coast there are lovely little beaches in charming coves and bays. The lighter and darker transparent colours of the sea are simply breathtaking and the coastline is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. 

                                                                                             Stunning beautiful beach in Postira


 5.) Povlja town on the north-eastern part of the island is surrounded by numerous coves with beaches. Some of the most wonderful beaches are Travna, Smokvica, Ticja Luka and Tatinja. Povlja is also an ideal place for families with children and those seeking a peaceful vacation. Sports and recreation enthusiasts may enjoy diving, football, gondola rides, sailing and more.

                                                                                          Beautiful colours of the sea by Povlja town


6.) Milna town lies on the west from Bol town and features four big pebble beaches – Osibova, Maslinova, Pasikova and Lucice beach. Two beaches lie in the town of Milna and the other two in the close vicinity. Near the beaches are pine trees, which again provide the necessary shade in hot summer days. The waters there are crystal clear and the beaches face south and are therefore protected from the northern winds. This part of the islands coast is also ideal for scuba diving, sailing or fishing. Beside water sports, visitors may enjoy soccer, volleyball, basketball, bocce ball and table tennis. So if you are staying in luxury villa Luxury Pearl you are on the top location to have a best luxury holidays in Croatia of your life :)

            Lucice beach at Milna town


7.) Only 5 km from Bol town lies the picturesque village Murvica, situated on the very cliff of the island and surrounded by charming vineyards. There are two nice beaches with white sand and a stunning location on the slopes of the island, looking towards Hvar Island. Pine trees provide a natural shade, but beauty there comes with a price! After parking your car on the top, you have to descend to the beaches on a step walk. On the top is also a snack bar, where you can purchase some drinks. 

                                                                                 Beautiful beach with white sand in Murvica village



8.) One of the most visited coves on Brac southern coastline is definitely Blaca cove to the west of Bol town. Not only is Blaca famous for its historical hermitage (cave monastery), but also for its stunning cove, which is surrounded by a dense pine forest. Deep in the same cove lays a lovely beach. 

Magnificent Blaca cove with lovely beach





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