How it all begun?

My parents will never forget the year 1999, when I graduated from the Law University.

With tears in their eyes, they thought: “our daughter is on the right path, we’ve done our job”. 

Little did they know that working long hours building my career as a lawyer left me empty, unfulfilled and frustrated, because I had no passion for the bunch of papers on my desk and “always in fighting mode “ clients.

“There must be more to life than that”, 

I thought. 

I was so inspired when I was near the Adriatic Sea!

A couple of years later, in 2004, I was sitting with my sweetheart on a balcony of one rented apartment on Hvar Island in the Adriatic Sea.

I was passionately longing for this endless immensity of the blue ocean, and asking myself in that warm summer night: 

“What could I do in my life, to be in constant connection with this paradise?” 

I was so inspired, attracted, fulfilled and in peace with myself when I was near the Adriatic Sea. 

I was in love. 

I wanted to share this passion with as many people as possible!

Then it hit me. 

The market for vacation rental in Croatia was flooded with thousands and thousands of bad, old and unattracting rentals, as well as lot of scams with fake photos. 

I realised a great opportunity to provide a dramatically better service for people searching for holidays in Croatia, expecting better, safer, and more aesthetic offer. 

Nice and charming holiday rentals did exist (though) in rare numbers, but it was hard to recognize the scams from the real pearls.

This connected my passion for the Adriatic Sea

I started a company providing personally tested beautiful beach front vacation rentals, where I have spent a couple of days myself. 

They had to be perfectly clean (my German husband is proverbially perfectionistic) and had to have fantastic hosts (I love people and I love to stay in the house of warm-hearted people),  

This connected my passion for the Adriatic Sea and enabled me to influence people’s lives in a deeper meaning by providing a great infrastructure for their holidays and our own personal tips for how to enjoy this region so much that one falls in love with it!

It makes me feel so grateful

And now, after more than a decade of doing this rewarding work, we receive so many positive feedback and E-mails of people, feeling safe, well treated, inspired and recharged from their exciting holidays.

It makes me feel so grateful and fulfilled.

I have managed to find as much passionate people as myself, so today a team of three employees in Slovenia, two in Germany and six in Croatia, has grown into a team, determined to provide our guest with an inspiring accommodation and with secret tips!

Our life and purpose is

Adriatic Sea, as it always was.

And as it should always stay.  

Tanja Gutenmorgen, 

Founder & CEO

P.S. No, it is not artistic name, it is the real one (my husband is German :)


What do you get when you book a holiday with us?

Before all a peace of mind.

  • No risk of disappointment

    We have personally visited, tested and fallen in love with each of our house. Inclusion to our selection can’t be bought. At least one member of our team spent a few nights in all our villas, so we know every owner by its first name as well as the name of their children.

  • Only handpicked holiday homes

    Our standards are very high. Over 70% of personally tested properties fail to make it into our selection!
    We make you feel special: To us, you are not a number. We have deliberately decided to stay “small” and boutique, to avoid mass tourism and rather concentrate on excellent customer service.

  • You get your personal assistant

    Who will organize not only your holiday home and desired period, but also arrange for the boat rental, transfer, give you information of where the best restaurant in the city is, where the first hospital is and how to reach an island in combination with specific flight details.

  • You get authentic information

    What we tell you is 100% true. We hate making things look better. If you have small children and you want to make a reservation for a villa that has rocky beach in front of it, we will tell you that it is not ideal for the toddlers.

    You are safe: We are always with you - before your holiday and during your journey and vacation you can reach us on a mobile number 24/7.

What to expect from our passionate service?