Models of cooperation

There are three models of cooperation, and we usually start with the first one described, gradually transforming to the second one, and sometimes even to the third one.

Rarely do we skip the first one and even more rarely do we arrive to the third.

But we are happy with each one of them, and so are our dear owners.

Ask them.

“On request” people like to say.

You manage your bookings alone, and we call or even more gladly, write you an e-mail or a text message requesting an option or a reservation for our client.

We cherish your fast response like a desert man cherish the water...

Remember, one of our standards for great customer’s service is speed of reply.

And we like to brag about it…

“Fixed lease” defined as a yearly sum of money – a flat rate.

In this case, the risk of having enough bookings is on our side, and you get your guaranteed yearly income.

Usually we pay in 6 yearly instalments, but some owners like it in 12. Like a monthly pay check, for no work at all.

We handle all the hassle of bookings, and you collect your regular pay check happily.

And make guests feeling special when they arrive (we know, we emphasize this very often. But we like to have perfect clarity about the roles).

Most owners in this model of cooperation are either living out of town or are busy entrepreneurs, delivering happiness in other areas of life... they prefer to have the house professionally managed by other side – us.

Wooo hooo, congratulations!

At this stage you won your operational freedom and your house got the “Managed by the Adriatic Pearls” badge!

We organize the cleaning, pay the bills, do the tax report for your, install our standards, train the property manager and offer our guests the highest level of holidays – the 100% Adriatic experience.


Sometimes owners get excited for other creative projects and lose interest in rental business or just need a cash input for a new idea.

In this case we negotiate a fair price and buy your house.

And promise to love and take care of it like you did and continue to execute its mission – make guests happy.

Our lives are enriched with the happiness of our guests.

But we are equally fulfilled when an owner says to us “Thank you guys for a wonderful team work!”.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Please write directly to Tanja Gutenmorgen to or to

She likes to practice her local Croatian dialect so much! :)

What to expect from our passionate service?